Megalovania beepbox

Try playing with the buttons and menus on the right side to find out what it can do. It's just another megalovania, but could anyone rate it. All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. Modded BeepBox expands the world of BeepBox into a whole new realm.

Best sqlite gui

The SQLite Manager was a plugin for Firefox that allowed you to create and interact with SQLite databases with a simple yet highly functional interface. It had good support for importing and exporting csv files, color coding of cells based on data types, and a convenient feature for cycling back and forth between your SQL statements.

Disa mission

Mission assurance categories are primarily used to determine the requirements for availability and integrity. IA Controls addressing confidentiality requirements are based on the sensitivity or classification of the information.

Methods of casting a hexagram

The text of the I Ching consists of sixty-four hexagrams -six-line figures-and commentaries upon them. By using one or another of several methods, one randomly generates the six lines; one then studies the commentaries in the I Ching associated with the generated hexagram. The meanings derived from such study can be interpreted as an oracle.

Mae fesai

By Carly Stern For Dailymail. A meteorologist's awkward attempt to quote Rihanna and inject a bit of fun into his weather report may have left some viewers cringing - and his colleagues were certainly mortified. Earlier this week, meteorologist Adam Epstein was giving the the forecast for the week on Fox40 News in Sacramento, California when he turned to a pop culture reference to jazz things up.